SWAG’R: The Future of Campus Advertising through Augmented Reality

In the ever-changing digital world that we live in, top brands are constantly looking for new ways of engaging with their customers, but finding a fresh and effective way to engage with consumers is getting harder. Long gone are the days of promoting your brand in a commercial during primetime tv,  largely due to the rise of streaming services allowing viewers to skip the ads. Conventional methods of advertising are a thing of the past, and for many brands, keeping up with the changes can be a daunting task. 

From social media influencers to podcasters and search engine advertising, there are a number of ways brands are looking to connect with their customers, but very rarely do they find an effective way to connect with them. That’s where SWAG’R comes in. 

SWAG’R is an augmented reality (AR) platform for instant brand activation on college campuses or live events. The platform allows users to access a 3D map of their college campus or the surrounding area to see offers from local merchants and top retailers strategically placed nearby. Users can collect these offers and redeem them at their convenience. The platform uses gamification to increase user engagement in a fun way and geolocation to create a more personalized experience on campus.

If you remember the Pokemon Go craze of a few years ago, you will undoubtedly understand SWAG’R’s allure. The excitement of catching one of those virtual creatures not only provided entertainment but got people moving and interacting with a whole community. By crossing the bridge between reality and virtual reality, SWAG’R creates a truly immersive experience beyond playing a game — it allows you to collect rewards that you can use in the real world. 

Picture this; you wake up, check your phone, and notice that you have a message saying your favorite brand just dropped their new collection and that somewhere on campus, there’s a huge discount on it. Instead of sifting through countless promo codes or waiting around in a virtual queue only to get “better luck next time,” you do what you always do, get dressed and head over to your first class. 

As you walk, you open your SWAG’R app and start your quest. Along the way, your personalized avatar encounters digital pins that you can collect for a free meal at your favorite spot, and before you know it, you not only have a ton of discounts in your swag bag, but you also get a free lunch all before you even get to class. 

SWAG’R changes the whole brand engagement experience by putting the control into the consumer’s hands. Unlike traditional methods of advertising, SWAG’R allows students to be the ones to initiate interactions with brands based on their personal interests. In doing so, the platform encourages a more authentic connection between consumers and brands.

SWAG’R presents a unique opportunity for brands to expand their customer base and have new consumers fall in love with them. College students, in particular, are the perfect audience for new brands or established brands looking for a broader reach. Through SWAG’R’s clever combination of AR, gamification, and geolocation, new brands can seamlessly integrate into campus life, creating genuine connections beyond mere transactions. At the same time, well-established brands can boost their image by captivating students with immersive experiences, resulting in long-lasting loyalty. 

In the digital world we live in, the lines between reality and fantasy can easily be blurred, which is why SWAG’R believes in merging digital and physical realities to create a unique and engaging experience for users, keeping the physical world as a fundamental component of human interaction.  To learn more, visit www.gotswagr.com