How A&I Power Group is Revolutionizing the Energy Sector

Global inflation continues to drive up the price tag of essential commodities, including energy and fuel. And as the worldwide energy demand is expected to increase 47 percent in the next three decades, concerns about affordable energy solutions are also growing.  

Many industry leaders wonder whether current energy sources can sustainably meet the demand. Fossil fuels such as oil and coal are finite resources rapidly being depleted, as well as known contributors to climate change. Meanwhile, while alternative energies such as nuclear, solar, wind, and tidal are more ecologically responsible, the infrastructure requires large amounts of land and costly investments.

This undeniable crossroad is what inspired energy technology company A&I Power Group to develop a more sustainable future for the global energy sector.

Today’s Solution for Tomorrow’s Energy Need

“A global clean, sustainable energy source is not just a future need. It is something we need right now,” says Alexis Herrera, CEO and co-founder of A&I Power. “We saw an opportunity for a near zero-carbon emission source that reduces capital and operational expenses.”

Herrera, along with fellow co-founder Iyad Baghdane, introduced A&I Power’s patented booster technology in 2020. The high-efficiency system does not rely on fossil fuels and produces near-zero gas emissions. According to Herrera and Baghdane, the technology is more efficient than traditional power generation technologies. 

“Without the traditional mechanical components and moving parts, we can reduce maintenance and equipment costs while increasing product safety,” explains Baghdane. Production requires 70 percent less time and almost 80 percent less material.

One Energy Source, Countless Applications

A&I Power’s static technology runs on energy input from a battery and increases the overall process efficiency by relying on electromagnetic resonance induction, using frequency. This eliminates the need for an energy source such as a traditional engine or additional fuel. 

The design maximizes efficiency and portability while offering wide scalability that can be used across numerous applications. A&I Power technology can be applied to practically all equipment that runs using electrical energy, including IoT devices, drones, electric cars, and more.

Founded in 2020, A&I Power has already garnered a reputation within the energy sector. After raising over $6 million in initial funding, the company joined Greentown Labs, North America’s most prominent “climatetech” startup incubator. 

The team has also secured contracts with Southern California Edison, California State Department of Transportation, and California State University to expand its technology development. Together, co-founders Baghdane and Herrera have a combined 55 years of industry experience. Learn more about A&I Power’s industry-leading, patented power boosting technology at