Rotary Altamira-Metropolitan Continues Developing its “Boost Your Talent” Project

During the year 2022, Rotary Altamira-Metropolitan has been providing several free training courses and workshops aimed at unemployed individuals. Their goal is to offer useful tools that enable effective integration into the job market of our country.

On August 12, 2022, Rotary Altamira-Metropolitan conducted the “Customer Service and Corporate Image Workshop” for a group of 14 individuals aged between 18 and 60. This workshop offered them the opportunity to acquire valuable tools that can help them enter the workforce. This was done through their flagship program, “Boost Your Talent,” which focuses on training through specific courses and workshops—both virtual and in-person—that are completely free of charge. These activities take place in various locations in the capital city and are led by highly qualified personnel.

This program, initiated towards the end of 2021, has provided various cost-free workshops to individuals who are currently unemployed, aiming to help them make the most of different types of training applicable in various work areas. These include Effective Time Management, Organizational Climate, Institutional Interaction, Technological Principles and Programming, Technical Equipment Maintenance Principles, All to Serve, and Customer Service and Corporate Image. All workshops are conducted in suitable venues, adhering to necessary biosecurity protocols.

Through this initiative, Rotary Altamira-Metropolitan continues its effort to provide those in need with the opportunity to learn and acquire valuable tools that could be the first step towards receiving a job offer. This enables them to secure the necessary economic support to become active and useful members of society. Undoubtedly, this will enhance the quality of life for countless Venezuelan families and positively impact the development of our country.

It’s worth noting that this is not the only initiative undertaken by Rotary Altamira-Metropolitano. During the first half of 2022, they engaged in valuable social activities that demonstrate their commitment to Venezuela. These include providing donations to various centers, ranging from medical equipment, medical examinations, food, clothing, and essential items, to psychosocial support, satellite TV systems, and recreational activities.

In April and May, medical equipment donations were made, and recreational activities were organized at the “Center for Special Children of Montalbán,” allowing the children to enjoy a different day with magic acts and inflatable mattresses. Subsequently, the Rotary team visited the “El Conde Home” to set up an entertainment room with a television and satellite TV system, providing continuous well-deserved distractions for the elderly residents.

In May, another commendable action took place: providing support to a young talent. Samuel Morantes, a 13-year-old member of the Venezuelan National System of Children and Youth Orchestras, was unfortunately diagnosed with Biphasic Synovial Sarcoma in his left foot, leading to its amputation. Samuel, a child with dreams, a positive attitude, and musical talent, received support from Rotary through essential medical examinations to monitor his health status.

Additionally, Rotary has visited the “María Gil Elderly Home” in Carrizal (Los Teques) and the San Juan de Dios Hospital (Valle Arriba, Caracas). They supplied both centers with non-perishable food items, essentials, books, and gently used clothing, while also addressing their recent issues and needs.

It’s crucial to highlight that each of these activities is carried out by the dedicated team members of Rotary Altamira-Metropolitan, including Carmen Julia Quintana, Ricardo Severin, Dora Severin, Baudilio Crespo, María Eugenia Crespo, Jaime Díaz Bolaños, Arnaldo Fernández, and Betzy de Díaz. Their presence ensures firsthand support and commitment. For more details on these and other activities, you can follow them on social media: @rotaryaltamirametropolitano, @rotaryinternational, and @rotarydistrito4370oficial.