Ramesses Khalfani to Coach Poinciana Eagles Basketball

In the world of basketball, coaching expertise can be the driving force behind a team’s success. The appointment of a new basketball coach who possesses a rare trifecta of experience in the NBA, overseas leagues, and Division 1 college basketball will surely send ripples of excitement through the sports community.

Ramesses, thanks so much for taking the time to speak with me! Man, Let’s talk basketball!

I can talk basketball all day. Let’s do it.

Your basketball journey has been amazing, 4 star recruit out of high school, division 1 college player, overseas player, and the NBA! Now you’re coaching high school basketball. How does it feel?

Like a really fast roller coaster ride. Ups and downs, really exciting, and before you know it you’re back to where it all started. That’s literally my journey (laughing)

What went into the decision to start coaching?

I’ve been doing skills training with athletes for years. I always knew in the back of my mind that I wanted to coach but I wanted to take my time getting there. It wasn’t just about finding an opportunity, all of the stars had to align.

What made you choose the high school level? I can imagine with your experience around the globe, you had options?

I get that question a lot, I feel that I can impact the future of the game at this level. College guys and pro guys already see and play the game a certain way. With high school kids I’m really able to mold them. I was fortunate to be molded by great coaches like Tyrone Kellogg and Kenny Hayes. I want to be to these kids, what those guys were to me.

What are some of your goals?

Win! At everything!(laughing) I want to build great young basketball players, but more importantly I want to build great young men. Basketball is a lot like life, and when the clock runs out on life, I want to make sure every young man that I’ve coached wins that game.

Describe your coaching style in 3 words?

Passionate , Positive , Relentless.

If you could model yourself after one coach, who would it be?

I can’t choose one but if I had it my way I’d have the success of Phil Jackson, the steadfastness of Pat Summitt, the poise of Mike Krzyzewski, and about 25% of the passion of Bobby Knight because 100% of that passion may get me in trouble (laughing).

Who was your basketball hero growing up?

Michael Jordan was the first poster I ever hung up on a wall, my brother Demarquis was the second guy I looked up to, and Kobe was definitely my guy from about the age of 14 to now.

What’s your motivation to coach and train basketball players? 

I just love the game. It’s done so much for me and my family. I just want to give something back and help kids understand just how much this game can do for them and their families.

What are some of the goals for Poinciana basketball this year?

Graduate every senior and get a few of them an opportunity in college, win at least 75% of our games, and at least win our district. Last year this team played .500 basketball so I’d like to top that. Really focusing on bringing a winning culture here.

Speak more about that, what does “winning culture” mean to you?

Winning culture is the overall expectation that we win. Incoming freshman should expect it, opposing schools should expect it, the community should expect it. It should be no surprise to anyone that we’re one of the best teams in the OBC. Year after year after year, that’s a winning culture.

How is the game today compared to your playing days in high school?

The kids just don’t love the games as much, some coaches don’t either. I remember carrying a basketball to school, to the doctor’s office, to sleep over’s. I tell my guys all the time not to be part time basketball players.

Last question, who is the greatest basketball player of all time?

Kobe Bean Bryant.

Ramesses, thank you for the interview and I wish you and the eagles success in your upcoming season.

If you want to follow up with Ramesses Khalfani, you can do it at IG @Ramesseskhalfani