More Than Bricks and Mortar: The Pearsall Properties’ Commitment to West Seattle

Lindsey and Michael Pearsall have a goal not just to assist you in locating a house but to help you discover your home. Pearsall Properties is dedicated to uncovering the property for you, situated in a perfect neighborhood with an outstanding community. Their focus extends beyond real estate; they recognize that one’s genuine sense of belonging is deeply intertwined with their community.


As a husband and wife duo, the Pearsalls bring years of experience in the realm of real estate. Before joining Pearsall Properties, Lindsey’s work was primarily focused on marketing and advertising. However, she did have some experience in real estate flipping. Michael, a musician, has also ventured into the world of real estate over eight years ago. Together, they have successfully renovated several of their own properties while building their business and raising their family in the vibrant community of West Seattle.


Pearsall Properties’ mission is to connect newcomers to the community of West Seattle through property and opportunity. West Seattle is a beautiful and thriving area. The Pearsalls themselves were drawn to the scenic views, family-friendly environment, and community spirit. Their understanding of the landscape of West Seattle is one of the many reasons they make such a good real estate team. Lindsey and Michael are heavily involved in the community themselves, making it easy for them to know what property will best suit your needs. The couple is involved in the city’s Chamber of Commerce, enjoys hosting neighborhood events, and frequently volunteers at non-profits around town.


The Pearsalls consider it their responsibility to improve their community because of their deep love for West Seattle. The couple has lived all over the country and traveled extensively, but West Seattle was the perfect place to put down their roots. They are passionate about making the area a wonderful place to live, not only for themselves but for others as real estate agents. When they introduce potential clients to West Seattle, they are proud to be able to recommend the best spots and show them around. Lindsey and Michael feel that part of welcoming you to your new home is connecting you with the surrounding community, not just finding you a lovely house.

In the near future, the Pearsalls hope to grow their business. By hiring more employees, they want to create a workplace environment that prioritizes work-life balance and community. As with their real estate clients, they want to give others what they have themselves. Pearsall Properties has already won the Community Outreach award from their local brokerage office this year and was featured in Dwell Magazine. There are sure to be more successes to come.

If you are interested in West Seattle as a place to call home, Pearsall Properties is the place to help you settle in. Lindsey and Michael’s expertise in buying and selling homes and love of the community make them the perfect candidates to be your real estate agents. They want to help welcome you to the community, and you should let them.