Kait Lendrum’s Canine Odyssey: Hollow Stark K9’s Unique Path to Success

Kait Lendrum’s path to starting Hollow Stark K9, a dog training business, presents itself as an untraditional tale and speaks to the unpredictability of life.

Though Kait didn’t grow up with dreams of becoming a dog trainer, she did love dogs and grew up around them as many people do. But her journey to founding Hollow Stark K9 began quite spontaneously. One day, seemingly like any other, she woke up with a newfound passion to understand and train dogs. This revelation might have surprised many, especially considering she didn’t even own a dog at the time.  She began researching breeds and learning the basics of dog behavior during her spare time.

Being a business owner was a long-held ambition for Kait. Yet, the domain of that business remained a question until this unexpected pivot toward dog training. But passion without a path can be a challenge. The dog-training world is notoriously expensive to break into, often requiring an investment upward of $5,000 just for an online certification. Yet, for someone with an entrepreneurial mindset like Kait, there was always a way. She decided to immerse herself in the world of dog training by interning at an all-inclusive kennel.

Beyond the techniques of training, her internship exposed her to the subtle nuances of dog training. It was during this period of her life that Kait adopted a Belgian Malinois puppy, deepening her bond with dogs. The day she brought him home, she knew they were connected and her dog training journey would excel through not only teaching him but what he could teach her.  Just six months later, she brought home another puppy. Eventually, her two dogs became the catalyst and inspiration behind her business. 

After several years of working at a kennel, Kait decided it was time to branch out on her own and immerse herself into the world of dog training. During this time, she deepened her knowledge in obedience, canine behavior and canine nutrition through online programs and workshops. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, word of her expertise spread and her peers began reaching out to have her train their dogs. Eventually, she founded Hollow Stark K9 in December of 2021, with word-of-mouth, often regarded as the most genuine form of advertising, playing a pivotal role in her early success. Every recommendation she earned was a testament to her dedication and unique methodology. And as the company has evolved, so did the richness of its offerings.

Private lessons with Kait have become a staple for many dog owners. These sessions, which are the first step for feeling out the dog training process at Hollow Stark K9, can be conducted in the comfort of one’s home or in a local park. These lessons establish the foundational relationship between the trainer, the dog, and its owner.

Puppy Social Hour is a big success for Hollow Stark K9 too. More than just a gathering for puppies to play, these events are educational platforms. Owners can better understand their puppies’ behaviors, ensuring they started their training journey on the right paw.

As owners and their dogs progress during private lessons, the dog trainer introduces them to group sessions at a local park. These gatherings, averaging between 6-8 dogs, still hold the essence of personalized training. They allow dogs and their owners to build on their skills, all under the watchful and expert eye of Kait.

In a nod to the interconnected world we live in, Hollow Stark K9 also holds virtual consultations. These 30-minute dog owner coaching sessions break location barriers, allowing the California-based trainer to connect with dog owners across the world.

However, the real differentiator for Hollow Stark K9 in a sea of dog training establishments is Kait’s focus on behavioral training over mere obedience. While she acknowledges the importance of basic commands like “’sit,” “stay” and “down” her primary aim is to dive into more intricate behaviors. This approach, combined with her given ability to naturally understand dogs, goes past the traditional cookie-cutter methods — offering a deeper, more specified form of training.

Today, Kait’s journey, from a spontaneous realization to the successful establishment of Hollow Stark K9, underscores the idea that it’s never too late to discover one’s passion.

For anyone eager to experience Kait Lendrum’s unique approach, you can find Hollow Stark K9 in various locations across the internet. The company’s Instagram is filled with training tips, and for those looking for a deeper dive, a visit to its website is a must.