CRISPR QC: Pioneering Deep Tech to Transform Complex Science into Tangible Products

In the world of modern healthcare, the potential of gene editing is still largely unrealized. This medical revolution allows scientists to change the structure of DNA for a world of endless possibilities, from helping treat previously incurable diseases to producing replacements for damaged tissues and organs. 

CRISPR QC, a San Diego-based biotechnology company, is working to turn the early potential of gene editing into an accessible treatment option. Founded by Ross Bundy and Dr. Kiana Aran, the CRISPR QC team provides researchers with unparalleled data, enabling greater precision, safety, and scalability.

As Bundy explains, “This is a new form of science that can help solve the known problems our customers have not been able to overcome yet, including how to scale gene editing on a commercialized level—there’s a world of possibilities with that.”

From Science to Commercialization

Both prominent figures in the biotech industry, Bundy and Aran launched CRISPR QC in 2022. Bundy previously helmed Cardea Bio, which developed groundbreaking graphene-semiconductor technology. Meanwhile, Aran, a distinguished academic and biomedical engineer, was working to develop her proprietary CRISPR-Chip technology, which would become the backbone of CRISPR QC’s technology. She helped found Cardea Bio alongside Bundy.

The duo spun CRISPR QC out of Cardea Bio last year before the founding company was successfully acquired in 2023. CRISPR QC’s core offering is the CRISPR Analytics Platform. It combines Aran’s proprietary biosensor with advanced machine learning to offer real-time biophysical insights. This empowers scientists to comprehend how different formulations of CRISPR operate on target DNA. Researchers can optimize gene editing for both safety and reliability—both recurring challenges in current gene-editing processes.

According to Bundy, CRISPR QC is also working to scale gene editing at an industry-wide level. “The scalability of this science has also been a primary concern for our industry,” he says. “We are focused on that factor, which will, in turn, increase access and affordability of gene and cell editing therapies.” Bundy currently serves as the company’s chief executive officer.

The Standard in Precision, Safety, and Quality Control

While conventional sequencing-related approaches have encountered pitfalls and inefficiencies, Bundy and Aran are working to become a mainstay in the industry. The company has already forged strategic collaborations with industry giants developing best-in-class gene editing therapies and government agencies such as the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) as a way to drive market acceptance and exponential growth.

“We’re helping customers focus on safety and reliability,” Aran explains. “This technology is both fast and quantitative, allowing scientists to interrogate and optimize each step in their editing processes.”

Looking ahead, CRISPR QC’s co-founders remain steadfast in their commitment to safer, more accessible treatment. The company’s advancements recently earned a place in the prestigious Nature Journal, underscoring the significant contributions that CRISPR QC is making to the scientific community. Discover CRISPR QC’s groundbreaking technology in gene editing at