Building a Business By Referral and a Life By Design with Kimberly Colgan

Kimberly Colgan’s path to starting her own real estate business wasn’t traditional, but her unique path has led her to where she is today.

After recognizing a high barrier for entry and the fail rate at which the real estate world operates at, Kimberly realized she needed to break away from the conventional path and find ways to learn about the practical applications of the industry. Now, Kimberly has built her business on the back of referrals, with clients, professionals and Kimberly all making up important pieces of the puzzle.

When she first got started, Kimberly had no interest in the traditional approaches of cold calling or door knocking. Instead, she utilizes a unique strategy, leveraging her utilized share of influence and past clients to grow her business. She hosts events, throws parties and offers heartfelt gifts, all aimed at building genuine connections rather than focusing solely on transactions. 

Her approach is effective, with her main goal of making her clients as comfortable as possible. She hopes this level of comfort will encourage the people she works with to be inclined to refer her to others during their transaction or before their sale has even closed. Remarkably, she still maintains friendships with the first clients she ever served, whom she worked with around 11 years ago.

Kimberly’s dedication to her clients goes beyond the transactional aspect. She begins by holistically understanding her client’s needs and preferences, guiding them through every step of the process, from house hunting to closing. Her personalized approach, customized to each individual, ensures that no stone is left unturned. Moreover, she educates clients on the often-overlooked aspects of homeownership, such as closing costs, emphasizing the importance of proper financial planning and setting realistic expectations with buyers while taking into consideration their needs and wants along with their budget.

What truly sets Kimberly apart is her extensive network of trusted professionals, including attorneys, inspectors, plumbers, HVAC specialists and many more. These workers are not just service providers she believes do good work, they are individuals Kimberly would recommend to her own family, cementing her reputation as a trustworthy advisor in the real estate world. Her approach is a win-win, benefitting both sides.

Kimberly’s competitive edge lies in her unique referral system, which has become the cornerstone of her success. Her commitment to open and constant communication with clients and fellow realtors builds rapport and trust. This connection is invaluable when working with other agents, facilitating smoother negotiations and transactions. Relationships are pivotal and Kimberly’s reputation for integrity and dedication is priceless.

Whether you’re buying, selling or simply seeking expert advice, Kimberly is your trusted partner on this exciting journey. Reach out today and let her help you turn your real estate dreams into reality. Kimberly’s approach is unique, effective and will make your home-buying and selling process far simpler and more straightforward than you could ever imagine.

To connect with Kimberly Colgan and explore the opportunities she offers in the world of real estate, you can find her on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. For more information, and to discover the possibilities of your real estate dreams, visit her official website