Adam Musiel and Preston Amherst’s Mastery in High-Caliber Real Estate Appraisals

A reliable and accurate appraisal can be invaluable for property owners. It can help them optimize their tax burden, establish an accurate picture of their net worth, sell their property, or secure loans. Appraisals are also required for insurance reasons, after the property owner passes and the estate needs to be settled, or in case of a divorce.

The people who create these appraisals, real estate appraisers, rely on their mix of on-site research, market expertise, and analysis to understand all the things that contribute to the value of a property. Because of the sums of money involved in real estate, and the importance of property in people’s lives, the pressure is always on when it comes to appraisal.

Adam Musiel, the owner of Preston Amherst Valuation & Advisory, has learned that the best way to deal with that pressure is to lean into it. It was a necessary lesson on his road towards building Preston Amherst into the go-to company for high-value property appraisal in Dallas, Austin, and Houston. When working with 8-figure appraisals, there’s little room for mistakes.

Musiel has roots in the profession going back 18 years, making him a veteran in an industry dominated by people in their 50s and 60s well before he turned 40. After being a part of several other companies, Musiel ventured out on his own in 2019.

Since then, he’s grown the firm and his reputation in parallel, one high-value property at a time. One of Musiel’s recent big appraisals was of a $15.6 million mansion in Dallas. The genuinely sophisticated residence was one of the most highly-valued properties of the year.

While Preston Amherst is often called on to do sales-related appraisals, that’s not the only reason people acquire the company’s service. Recently, Musiel appraised two $5 million estates in Encino and Calabasas for estate settlements. In these cases, his clients rely on his unbiased approach to get a precise evaluation — especially if more than one party is involved.

Divorces and civil disputes are other occasions when Adam Musiel and his Preston Amherst team are called upon. As an expert in establishing the value of real estate properties, he’s often called upon to provide expert testimony. So not only is Musiel capable of accurately discerning the value of a high-value property — the type of property that’s very difficult to compare with anything else on the market — but he’s also regularly appearing in the court of law, where his credibility helps judges rule on these delicate situations.

Adam Musiel and Preston Amherst make it a point of pride to have offices in Dallas, Austin, and Houston. They’re at home in each city and have a fondness for specific areas, too — as do their customers. In Dallas’ Preston Hollow and Highland Park neighborhoods, it’s the historical aspect. In University Park and Bluffview, the luxury is decidedly more modern.

Houston’s River Oaks and University Park add some southern charm to their luxury. At the same time, Bellaire, a city in the area and one of the wealthiest cities in Texas has been a particular focus on Preston Amherst. And as far as Austin is concerned, nothing beats the diversity and picturesqueness of Lake Travis and Westlake Hills in their book, except maybe Barton Creek and Northwest Hills.

From one sale to another and an estate settlement to a divorce, Preston Amherst and Adam Musiel continue to serve Texas’ real estate and property owners with exceptional skills and diligence. Whether they’re known as the go-to company for mansion appraisal or the people to call for expert testimony, one thing is certain: Adam Musiel and his team have mastered real estate appraisal at the highest level.